The Woodworker - November 2017


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The Woodworker - November 2017 published by MyTimeMedia

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The Woodworker will instruct, inform and amuse a large majority of its readers with projects, features, turning and technical articles. Smoothing an oak board against the 'pegged' planing stop on a flat bench Remember, remember our November issue, which is now on sale! As usual, we have some great content in store for you and some great article suggestions to get you through the upcoming colder months. We’re thrilled to welcome back Robin Gates, who this month flattens his workbench, rigidifies it with braces and makes a planing stop – then gets busy with the black shoe polish! We also have a fascinating article from John Greeves, who finds out from Jeremy Spencer (Master war bowyer of the Craft of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers), how to go about crafting a longbow if you’re a first time user. In ‘Tool Collector’ Gary Cook shows off his impressive collection of braces and bits and offers advice on how best to go about sharpening them, and we’re also pleased to welcome back Ian Wilkie, whose design for a display unit to show off a child’s toy collection is an approachable and fun-to-make project. In ‘Archive’, we share an excerpt from The Woodworker of May 1968, which details a lengthy review of the Stanley H264. Amazingly, nearly 50 years ago, this tool was priced at the princely sum of nearly £40, which somewhat attests to its build quality. If you happen to be the proud owner of one, please do get in touch as we’d love to see your retro tools! The joy of making is expressed in Sophie’s smile Also, fresh from her appearance at New Designers, which is where we spotted her obvious talent, Jasmine Craven-Huffer (also this month’s cover star) shares the story of how she went about updating and modernising a 500-year-old design for a Moravian stool. We also bring you the next in the series of ‘Me & My Workshop’. Kicking off last month with a look around the Editor’s workshop, we’re now joined by resident woodturner Colin Simpson, who gives us a glimpse inside his grand space and shares some of his top tips and techniques. In other news, at The Woodworker we’re big fans of encouraging the younger generation to get involved with woodworking, and it was lovely to hear of Dennis Knight’s granddaughter Sophie, who seems to be showing a real aptitude for the craft. With her help, Dennis set about building her a workshop of her own, and judging by the smile on her face, she’s certainly a fan! The Editor is a big fan of this beautifully presented, practical gift guide to the age-old art of whittling We also have a great book review for you - 50 Things to Do with a Penknife: The whittler's guide to life - by Matt Collins, which you’ll love if you like a bit of whittling. The Editor learnt a trick or two and gives this great read a solid 5 out of 5 - definitely one to add to your Christmas list. Other projects and techniques in this issue include Michael Forster’s leather-lined desk box with lift-out tray, which is made using bubinga, ash and ebony; Peter Benson hones his skills with a router, jigs and template to make a pine quilt stand; Michael Allsop presents an alternative approach to the mantelpiece clock for those lacking in machinery; and in turning, we bring you the final part of Colin Simpson’s colouring and texturing mini series, which sees him wrapping things up by showing you four more great techniques. Finally, on a historical note, Phil Whitfeld looks back to the humble beginnings of English carpentry, and in ladder maker’s diary, harking back to his childhood, Stan Clark shares his memories of working at his local church, struggling to master the organ, and meeting a famous visitor. The Editor ran this ovolo moulding using the GKF 12 V-8 Professional compact router with battery to spare As always, we’re first to test the hottest new kit on the market, and this month is no exception, as the Editor gets his hands on the brand-new GKF 12 V-8 Professional compact router. Routing is now cordless thanks to this great new tool, which really is yet another example of ingenuity in design and manufacture. Also on the bench is the Wixey WL133 drill press laser, which is designed to project a thin set of cross-hairs onto your drill press table precisely where the drill bit will contact the workpiece. A neat little gadget, it certainly removes worry from a drilling task. Andy King and Phil Davy also gave us their advice on choosing low-angle jack planes and weigh up the pros and cons of a number of different models. If you’re in the market for one, then you should definitely not delay in casting your eye over this in-depth review. Take a look at our letters page to find out the story of this unwanted workshop visitor! Of course, we also have your usual favourite pages including AOB, courses, timber directory and letters, which includes a fascinating piece of correspondence from one of our readers Down Under. We also give you a glimpse at our December issue, which includes a fun Christmas-themed turning project, and in welcome, the Editor reflects on a hectic weekend of teaching.

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