The Field - 1 October 2013 (TF1013)


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The Field issue TF1013 published on 1 October 2013 by Time Inc.

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Frenchmen in Norfolk
The county can put on a fine show of redlegs, as Elizabeth Walton discovers
Castle Rising
... and constantly developing. Graham Downing visits this versatile shoot
Success on a plate for you
For optimum success, Pattern-plate your gun
Ptarmigan: not a tricky bird
But the weather and the waiting present a challange
Greener hammers home a century
David Grant charts a gun's (re)naissance
Delight of a raven
Johnny Scott is not the only one pleased by the sucessful Stalk in Cumbria
Geese taking wing raise the hair on the back of Johnny Scott's neck
We need a national museum of hunting
Meanwhile, see what Melton Mowbray has to offer
Fifty shades of green
The shade of your shooting coat has a bearing on your bag
Fine clothes for the peg
Matthew Dennison admires a touch of dandyism in the shooting field
Hunting for clothes horses
Enjoy the thrill of the chase for the vintage kit
Cave canemstill works
Guard dogs are the most effective burglar deterrent
Watch out, thieves about
Theft costs UK Agriculture almost

Additional Information

Publisher Time Inc.
Title The Field
Frequency Monthly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 1 Oct 2013
Month October
Year 2013