RCM&E - September 2018


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RCM&E - September 2018 published by MyTimeMedia

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FREE PLAN FEATURES – ISABELLA - Marco Penk's wannabe full-size is a proper polyhedral cutie that's perfect for enjoying the simple pleasures R/C flight. BEAGLE PUP - Eyes down for a full house as Shaun Garrity pumps up the 1960s low-wing trainer / tourer. Clear your bench for another classic build. REVIEW - F7F TIGERCAT - When FMS decided to model Grumman's heavy fighter, David Ashby thought all his birthdays and Christmases had come at once. HIGH SUMMER SPLASH-IN - Let's face it, if you're going to fly a floatplane from anywhere, it may as well be from one of the most glorious lakeland shores in the country. REVIEW - DELTA 40 - Steve Sales takes Seagull's latest sportster and rips a hole in heaven. CAM-TASTIC - Mike Freeman's cheap ‘n’ cheerful, retractable video pod is perfect for carrying a key fob camera aloft, and the results are really rather good. REVIEW - F8F BEARCAT - Graham Ashby finds a quick-fix fighter that's a perfect light air, low commitment warbird. CURRENT AFFAIRS - Dave Burton examines the options for electric flight connectors before pondering the location of Project Sea Fury's six LiPo cells. CHALLENGER - Fact: Follow-on trainers are underrated and have heaps to offer. It's a sentiment with which David Ashby happens to agree, not least when it comes to Seagull's candidate. JUST-F-FUN - We couldn't let him off the hook ‘that’ easily, now could we? David Ashby keeps a toe in the door with the return of his old column for sport and club flyers who like to mix it up.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title RCM&E
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Sep 2018
Month September
Year 2018