RCM&E - December 2018


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RCM&E - published by MyTimeMedia

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FREE PLAN FEATURE - GÖ1 WOLF - A very short full-size production run does nothing to reduce the appeal of this classic ‘30s soarer. Chris Williams cuts balsa to 1/7-scale and invites you to join him. REVIEW - LILIENTHAL 40 - Looking for a low cost, low commitment, easy build, easy fly model that reinforces the simple pleasures of the hobby? David Ashby has just the thing. KNOW YOUR RADIO - If setting throttle curves seems just a little poncey and pretentious for you, then you're just the person who should be reading Andy Ellison's explanation. REVIEW – RUCKUS - As Mike Freeman discovers, Max Thrust's brand new foamy is far more than just a humble follow-on trainer. SNAP HAPPY - It's true, anyone can take a photograph of a model aeroplane but there's a world difference between a snapshot and a carefully composed image. REVIEW – KINGFISHER - Rugged, multi-role models are certainly ‘on trend’ at the moment and with a boxful of all-season accessories to keep you airborne FMS is hoping to steal the march. THE GREAT INDOORS - The change in temperature will not have escaped your notice, but have you properly considered the possibility of taking the hobby indoors? John Stennard returns to round off his look at some introductory lightweights.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title RCM&E
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 28 Nov 2018
Month December
Year 2018