RCM&E - December 2017


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RCM&E - December 2017 published by MyTimeMedia

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ON THE COVER... Tony Nijhuis described his Harrier experiments in a series of articles earlier this year and, this month, returns to complete the story and describe how the VTOL challenge was finally solved. FREE PRO-PLANS CANBERRA Andy Blackburn's facsimile of the classic twin jet is a great introduction to power scale soaring and will turn heads on 18 any hill MICRO & MINI BLITZ No time to build? Pah! Shaun Garrity revives two pocket deltas that you can build in a day! REGULARS COUNTERPOINT Christmas approaches, time to start dropping hints... SWITCH ON A balsa revival and the return of the Chuckie! Christmas approaches, time to start dropping hints... ALL WRITE Over to you... GOING PLACES Your new events listing MARKETPLACE Your FREE reader ad’ service NEXT ISSUE The classic EasyStreet makes a welcome return, a delightful vintage-style plan and plenty more... COLUMNS MAKE IT SCALE Danny Fenton reports from his first control line scale comp WIZARD OF OZ Engines and water don't mix, Brian Winch gets his feet wet WEEKENDERS Whittaker is out of bed early to check the latest swapmeet trends SILENT WINGS Simon Cocker explains the lauch system that goes ping FEATURES PILOTS PICTORIAL Highlighting your projects GAYDON GOODNESS Alex Whittaker reports from the LMA's seasonal finale PROJECT HARRIER Tony Nijhuis wraps up two years of VTOL experimentation SUBSCRIBE! ...and grab a FREE soldering iron at the same time! DISCOVERY 1.6 Colin Hutchinson and Rob Thompson chart the development of an unusual motor soarer THE KNOWLEDGE All you need to know about model diesel engines INVADER In impressive style Jan Hermkens brings a rarely-modelled twin to life REVIEWS HAWK FMS's new 80mm electric ducted fan jet not only looks the part but also flies well, it's the best EDF jet we've tested in fact. JETI DS-24 There's little that Jeti's new range-topper can't do, it'll even entertain between flights PT-17 E-flite's new bipe oozes charm and packs plenty of detail too. SHARMA 3.2cc Brian Winch tests a tough little diesel from deepest South Asia F-27 FPV Packing a camera, E-flite's ultra-micro Stryker is back!

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title RCM&E
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Dec 2017
Month December
Year 2017