Practical Boatowner - 1 January 2014 (PB0114)


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Practical Boatowner issue PB0114 published on 1 January 2014 by Time Inc.

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PBO TESTED - HD sonar:Essential gear, or just nice to have?

Antifouling on test:One season, 14 paints: which worked best?

Painting bilges and spars:The PBO team paint Hantu Biru?s bilges and refinish the mast

How to build a yacht in your garage:A reader builds a gaff cutter in his garage from a set of plans

Buying an older boat:Choosing a classic yacht: wood or GRP?

New boats at London:The pick of the crop, from tenders to cruising yachts

PBO TESTED - Elan 320:The Elan 310 is relaunched with even more big-boat features

Understanding the jetstream:Why the jet stream plays such a vital role in our weather, and what it means for sailors

Nautical know-how:Shedding light on the solar terminator

Atlantic sinking:Rescue and heartbreak as a reader loses his yacht

Working out estimated position and course to steer:How to supplement electronic navigation aids with these traditional skills

Replace a cockpit floor:... and make an anchor wash system, plus more practical projects and tips

Cleaning halyards...without using a washing machine!

Make hardwood treads:An attractive way of widening a step aboard and protecting the coaming

Top up a steering compass:A reader refills his half-empty liquid- filled steering compass

Making a wooden spar:How to construct solid and hollow traditional wooden spars


Waiting for the tide:PBO editor David Pugh welcomes you to the magazine - sign up for David's free monthly e-newsletter at:

Columnist Dave Selby:Oh no: Dave?s sailing with an optimist

Columnist Sam Llewellyn:A big push for a pram dinghy

Monthly musings from Andrew Simpson:Man the pump for a new inflatable...

Tips from the PBO sketchbook:Sail lowering with lazy jacks

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News:Marine Conservation Zones, 400 euro Greek cruising tax... and much more

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Publisher Time Inc.
Title Practical Boatowner
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Jan 2014
Month January
Year 2014