New Scientist Magazine -21 May 2016 (NS210516)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS210516 published by New Scientist

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No. 3074 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Health gurus, show us the evidence for your diet advice NEWS UPFRONT La Niña to give some relief from warming after hottest April yet Why would scientists want to build human genomes from scratch? Lethal injections under threat after US drug firm pulls plug World’s smallest porpoise, the vaquita, may be extinct by 2022 Computer glitch has led to incorrect advice on statins White House stumps up millions to probe world’s microbiomes Magic mushroom ingredient tested as depression treatment 60 Seconds THIS WEEK Synthetic wine made without grapes claims to mimic fine vintages World War Zero brought down mystery civilisation of sea people Identity-crisis comet may really be closest asteroid to the sun Time capsule galaxy can help probe conditions after the big bang First Americans hunted big game in Florida 14,500 years ago IN BRIEF Earlier ice melt in the Arctic cuts survival of birds in Africa Embryo protein may warn before miscarriage and pre-eclampsia Cannibal stars explode violently – as predicted by Darwin’s son Unnamed dwarf planet may be third largest in the solar system Shooting stars show Earth had oxygen eons before we thought Building blocks of life’s first self-replicator recreated in lab Artificial spider silk mimics how it acts as liquid and solid Got dandruff? The bacteria living on your head might be to blame ANALYSIS Microbiomania: The truth behind the hype about our bodily bugs Fake mountains to make rain? This is last-gasp geoengineering The Hemsley effect: why we fall for celebrity food advice Why cheap green energy could derail the renewable revolution TECHNOLOGY Scan your doodles to find the perfect matching photo online One Per Cent Pictures: Hyperloop gets a test run as first pod is unveiled FEATURES There might be a planet better than Earth – right next door Pinball planets: How life could start in a violent solar system Physics killed free will and time’s flow. We need them back Gigantopithecus: The story of the greatest of the great apes Spectacular archaeology in the shadow of London’s skyscrapers CULTURE Culture picks: Time to spring-clean your mind Cure: Can the power of our minds help us heal ourselves? Seven nature-writing books that capture the spirit of animals Radical insights from The Seven Pillars of Statistical Wisdom Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 21 May 2016
Month May
Year 2016