New Scientist Magazine -14 May 2016 (NS140516)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS140516 published by New Scientist

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No. 3073 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Let’s not drive blindly into the autonomous car revolution To solve a crisis of empathy we must first decide what it is NEWS UPFRONT Five Pacific islands vanish from sight as sea levels rise Cycling for more than five hours a week in Delhi is bad for you First global Mercury map shows its hills and valleys in detail Watch creatures of the abyss in Earth's deepest ocean trench Facebook must fight for its facial recognition tech in court Canada's huge wildfires may release carbon locked in permafrost A fifth of all plants threatened as habitats shrink worldwide 60 Seconds THIS WEEK Smart second skin reduces eye bags and wrinkles – or so it seems This Turing machine should run forever unless maths is wrong Goopy dark matter could slow down inflation of the universe Adding rocks to oceans could de-acidify water and save coral Seabed core reveals how lush Antarctica changed to icy desert IN BRIEF North Pacific’s sea slug invasion linked to mystery ocean blob Quick $2 test reveals if you caught a superbug in hospital Invisible radar wall in the atmosphere caused by UV from the sun Stars burn away the atmospheres of close-in super-Earths Dragonfly wings can track radiation doses after a nuclear mishap Robotic surgeon could stitch you up after removing your appendix Early Earth’ air may have been thinner than on Everest today Women sleep half an hour longer than men, phone app data shows ANALYSIS Silicon Valley cash is flooding into science – but is it useful? Our audience with the Pope revealed how glitz funds medicine When does life begin? Lab embryo advance reopens a big debate Will brain stimulation for autism diminish my special talents? Finding the real Satoshi Nakamoto is vital for bitcoin’s future TECHNOLOGY London is set for driverless car roll-out – so what comes next? One Per Cent FEATURES Matter, energy… knowledge: How to harness physics’ demonic power How sharing other people’s feelings can make you sick A history of love, art, power and religion in 10 graves PEOPLE I never imagined a nuclear plant’s control system being online CULTURE What is Paleolithic Art?: How to decode the shadows on the wall Is delight or devil in the detail of this hedgerow homage? Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 14 May 2016
Month May
Year 2016