New Scientist - 1 March 2014 (NS010314)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS010314 published on 1 March 2014 by New Scientist

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  • How can you ensure that your life is worth living?

    Opinion >Leader p5

    Dramatic advances in communication with people in a minimally conscious state have provoked questions central to our ideas about what makes life worth living

  • Society turns to steampunk to fix its climate woes

    Opinion >Leader p5

    Jules Verne's reputation and relevance will continue to grow as megaprojects inspired by his science fiction take off

  • When is an artificial ecosystem no longer a fake?

    Opinion >Leader p5

    Plans to rebuild natural environments by replacing extinct species with new ones are forcing enthusiasts to reconsider what "natural" really means

  • European Commission sues UK over polluted air

    News >Upfront p6

    The UK is the worst offender in the European Union in terms of failing to limit its smog, so the European Commission is taking unprecedented legal action

  • Greek austerity tragedy shows where not to make cuts

    News >Upfront p6

    There have been drastic rises in infant mortality, suicide and depression since Greece made deep healthcare cuts

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    Publisher New Scientist
    Title New Scientist Magazine
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    Date 1 Mar 2014
    Month March
    Year 2014