New Scientist Magazine -26 November 2016 (NS261116)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS261116 published by New Scientist

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No.3101 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders The shape of post-Brexit science is becoming clearer Treatment for chronic pain can be lethal, but there is an answer NEWS UPFRONT Global sea ice has reached a record low – should we be worried? Finland set to become first country to ban coal use for energy New UK surveillance law may see mass data shared with Trump's US Killer bird flu has spread across Europe – are humans next? SpaceX wants to launch more satellites than are already in orbit First ever lightning-mapping satellite set for take off GM mosquitoes approved for field trial release in Florida 60 Seconds THIS WEEK Gravity may have chased light in the early universe Synaesthetes who ‘see’ calendar hint how our brains handle time Deepest water found 1000km down, a third of way to Earth's core Hubble rounds up the first worlds we’ll check for alien life Unconscious brain training beats phobias without the stress Fijian ants grow their own plant cities and farm tropical fruits IN BRIEF Pilot whales babysit each other's young while swimming in groups Gut tissue wired up with nerves created in lab for first time Stopping brain protein from going rogue may prevent Alzheimer's Crowdsourced prime number could help solve a 50-year-old problem Masquerading spider looks like living and dead leaves at once Kangaroo-bone nose piercing is oldest bone jewellery ever found Some of the most endangered seals caught napping underwater A dash of hydrogen and methane could have kept Mars warm ANALYSIS It’s time to relax the rules on growing human embryos in the lab Is new talk of interstellar drive too good to be true? All UK doctors should join the call to decriminalise drugs Are the US and China heading for a gene-editing ‘space race’? APERTURE Monuments divide the US and Mexico – one man snapped them all FEATURES 5 deviant particles that could spark a revolution in physics Hurt blocker: To treat chronic pain, look to the brain not body Why some itches can’t be scratched – and how to combat them Intelligence rethought: AIs know us, but don’t think like us PEOPLE Let’s take on untreatable diseases, says gene therapy pioneer CULTURE The culture of 2016: Loving it Great Christmas books: Our guide to gifts that keep on giving Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 26 Nov 2016
Month November
Year 2016