New Scientist Magazine - 25 November 2017 (NS251117)


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New Scientist Magazine - 25 November 2017 published by New Scientist

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No.3153 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Another psychedelic revolution, but this time it’s different NEWS UPFRONT Austerity cuts to NHS blamed for 120,000 excess deaths Light pollution is set to double between now and 2050 Russia confirms ‘extremely high’ radiation levels in toxic cloud Keystone XL oil pipeline will go ahead despite last week’s spill Private mission may get us back to Enceladus sooner than NASA Latest climate talks actually made progress despite US obstinacy An Argentinian submarine has vanished – here’s how to find it 60 Seconds NEWS & TECHNOLOGY Making your brain cells longer could help ward off Alzheimer’s Watch this soft robot squeeze a damaged heart to keep it pumping The forces that govern matter and light could be united at last How do you link the world’s blockchains? With another blockchain Your music tastes can be changed by using magnets on your brain Black holes that shred stars burp out cosmic rays and neutrinos Nothing you can do stops this code from watching you online Rocket-powered Land Rovers can survive deadly roadside bombs We just sent a message to try to talk to aliens on another world Free-fall experiment could test if gravity is a quantum force Spongy clay might create huge water deposits deep inside Earth Common condition endometriosis reprograms brain for depression Dark matter may be the source of antimatter streaming past Earth IN BRIEF Amish gene can make them live 10 years longer and avoid diabetes Why a female fly will ruin your drink, but a male is fine What’s the best way to scare an elephant? Use an AI scarecrow A layer of haze keeps Pluto’s atmosphere extremely cold Blue tits divorce their partners if they turn up late to mate Spiders reset body clocks to avoid 5-hour jet-lag every day We’ve just found a nearby exoplanet that could be right for life We may know why Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is red instead of white ANALYSIS Tesla’s electric trucks are great but they won’t save the planet Why we should celebrate Scotland’s minimum alcohol price plan In a Spotify world, why does anyone want to listen to cassettes? Gene drives can beat pests, but we can’t afford any mistakes APERTURE Giant climate camera will watch how our planet changes FEATURES Mind menders: how psychedelic drugs rebuild broken brains How a fiery matter-antimatter union may lead to limitless energy How your digital style gives you away – and how to hide it PEOPLE Dan McKenzie: The man who made Earth move CULTURE The latest science picks remind us why we really do need experts Can everybody on the planet all live well? Future by design: Will the power of AI reshape our world? More Put your hands together to bring a dead phone back to life Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 25 Nov 2017
Month November
Year 2017