New Scientist Magazine - 23 December 2017 (NS231217)


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New Scientist Magazine - 23 December 2017 published by New Scientist

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No.3157/8 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Well-being will suffer if we don’t trump the anti-science trend NEWS NEWS & TECHNOLOGY Exclusive: Most premature baby ever to survive born at 22 weeks Drone-controlled movie cameras catch stunts from every angle Exclusive: NASA has begun plans for a 2069 interstellar mission Zombie fungus infects fruit flies and turns them into slaves Space-time and gravity might be born from the quantum world Young female monkeys use deer as ‘outlet for sexual frustration’ Venice may be almost 200 years older than anyone thought Mysterious streaks seen on Saturn’s moons could be ancient rings Wound scanner shows bacteria glowing if your body is infected A family in Italy doesn’t feel pain because of a gene mutation IN BRIEF Hijacked sperm carry chemo drugs to cervical cancer cells Six-year-olds will pay to see bad guys get their comeuppance This is the oldest fossil of a plesiosaur from the dinosaur era TB, or not TB? At last, a urine test can diagnose it quickly Robot that’s the width of a hair masters Pac-Man and cuts cheese NASA has discovered our solar system’s twin with 8 planets The tiny space rock New Horizons is headed for may have a moon Great tits avoid bad food after seeing grossed-out friends ANALYSIS People without electricity could end up living the energy dream Why 2018 is gearing up to be a tipping point for climate action Anti-vax views must not derail France’s compulsory vaccine law Children are becoming problem gamblers due to a legal loophole APERTURE Ravenous rainforest rodent plucks a midnight snack from thin air FEATURES Busy doing nothing: How sloths mastered life in the slow lane New blues: The quest to make the world’s rarest colour The epic robot fails that say AI will never rule the world England’s soggy place names could predict the climate future How bumbling British boffins became a standing Russian joke The holly hunters banking berries to save a species New Scientist 2017 holiday quiz New Scientist 2017 holiday quiz – Answers We are not amused: Victorian experiments not to try at home Grapes of wrath: How a New World import destroyed French wine Bright skies at night: The riddle of the nocturnal sun Inside the secret chocolate garden built to avert a cocoa crisis The secrets of your past that lurk inside your ears Cheep taste: The birds that adorn their nests with tat ‘Sno substitute: The ecological cost of fake flakes on the piste Calendar synaesthesia: The people who can see time PEOPLE Missives impossible: How gravity fell victim to fake news CULTURE Elf Lands: The new fantasy The Great Northern Expedition: triumph or tragedy? Test yourself against these superpuzzles from Japan Exploring the universe – and how we found our place in it A show uniting art and nature that should just be experienced Test yourself against these superpuzzles from Japan: Solutions The Dark Judges: No Future More 2017 review: The 12 best science and tech stories of the year 2018 preview: Return to the moon as eight missions are planned 2018 preview: Bioelectricity tweak can regenerate missing limbs 2018 preview: Get ready to meet your newest long-lost ancestor 2018 preview: Opioids will kill tens of thousands more people 2018 preview: Thousands of mystery lifeforms to be revealed 2018 preview: Bitcoin and ICO bubbles are set to burst 2018 preview: Gene therapy treats disease while in the womb 2018 preview: Last chance for new physics at the LHC for years 2018 preview: Epic mission to Mercury will unravel its mysteries 2018 preview: Quantum computers to overtake ordinary machines Let it glow, let it glow, let it snow

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
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Date 23 Dec 2017
Month December
Year 2017