New Scientist Magazine - 20 May 2017 (NS200517)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS200517 published by New Scientist

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No.3126 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Weak defences leave us wide open to ransom attacks NEWS UPFRONT Ransomware attack hits 200,000 computers across the globe Google DeepMind NHS data deal was ‘legally inappropriate’ Number of hepatitis C infections in US at 15-year high No crew planned for NASA’s first Space Launch System mission UK may force charities to prove complementary therapies work Ebola once again on the prowl as emergency teams stand ready 60 Seconds NEWS & TECHNOLOGY Brain zaps let minimally conscious people communicate for a week Automation will have a bigger impact on jobs in smaller cities Remote Pacific island found buried under tonnes of plastic waste Plasma jet engines that could take you from the ground to space Ultrasonic speaker lets you whisper to people 30 metres away Polar bears shift from seals to bird eggs as Arctic ice melts Microbes might thrive after crash-landing on board a meteorite We are on track to pass 1.5°C warming in less than 10 years Hear the roar of the lionfish recorded for the first time Brain stent to let five paralysed people control exoskeleton Spray-on touch controls give an interactive twist to any surface First timeline of a cancer tracks tumours from origin to spread IN BRIEF Ladybird’s transparent shell reveals how it folds its wings Waves surge in opposite directions around Io’s largest lava lake Mussel gloop can be used to make wounds knit without any scars Vultures smear their faces in red mud which they use as makeup Fish boost photosynthesis by wafting water around corals Neptune-like exoplanet spotted that has a watery atmosphere Wiggling atom probes buddy molecule without disturbing it Augmented reality goggles give surgeons X-ray vision ANALYSIS What the end of the atomic renaissance means for nuclear power What vision of doom made Hawking seek a faster Earth exit plan? Captive breeding is a final roll of the dice for the vaquita What politicians can learn from the French election hack APERTURE Solar time lapse burns through film to create a unique look FEATURES How to daydream your way to better learning and concentration Where the wind blows: Mapping our wildest gusts Resurrected organisms reveal life’s bare essentials PEOPLE The day Mount St Helens erupted and I should have died CULTURE Synthetic biology’s ties to our humanity let it elude definition Augmented reality brings Beatie Wolfe’s new songs to life Joseph Hooker: The travelling man who became Emperor of Botany More Hanging on: In search of the bat that returned from the dead Fighting for our forgotten sense Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 20 May 2017
Month May
Year 2017