New Scientist Magazine - 17 June 2017 (NS170617)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS170617 published by New Scientist

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No.3130 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Science might emerge a winner from UK election chaos Tripping up: The real danger of microdosing with LSD NEWS UPFRONT Science and climate face uncertain future in post-election UK Defibrillator drones could save lives before ambulance arrives WHO classes HIV drug as an essential medicine ‘Devil weeds’ threaten wildebeest migrations in Serengeti NASA revives 50-year-old idea to recycle space stations Police warned of drug so powerful it can kill in one breath 60 Seconds NEWS & TECHNOLOGY Pig brain cells implanted into brains of people with Parkinson’s Rubber algae help create first artificial reef in Mediterranean Chatbots learn how to negotiate and drive a hard bargain Messages from fake aliens decoded quickly in online SETI contest Ocean plastics from Haiti’s beaches turned into laptop packaging Eating a low carb breakfast may make you a more tolerant person Smart jacket and VR headset let you pilot a drone with your body The mystery xenon in Earth’s atmosphere came from icy comets Baby brain scans can predict who is likely to develop autism DeepMind’s neural network teaches AI to reason about the world Fetuses turn to follow face-like shapes while in the womb Crumb-free bread will mean ISS astronauts can now bake in space There’s as much water in Earth’s mantle as in all the oceans IN BRIEF Extreme plants thrive at 72°C in New Zealand’s hot volcanic soil Cystic fibrosis drug halts lung damage in young children Mass of a white dwarf star measured for the first time Artificial whisky taster has the palate of a connoisseur Fungus creates zombie beetles that crave flowers before death How Jupiter split the asteroid belt in two shows its great age Fortified gas marbles are 10 times stronger than regular bubbles Bird caught in amber 100 million years ago is best ever found ANALYSIS Microdosers say tiny hits of LSD make your work and life better Artisan sourdough? You may as well eat mass-produced white bread Does mind-hack tech mean your brain needs its own legal rights? Orbiting ‘space nation’ data centre could avoid all Earthly laws APERTURE Satellite’s eye view reveals retreating glaciers in the Andes FEATURES How to extinguish the inflammation epidemic Spectrum wars: The battle for the airwaves Don’t feel sorry for apologising – it could be good for you PEOPLE Blinded by seance: The man who offered scientists an afterlife CULTURE A series of fortunate events: How our culture made us 8 Minutes: How to dance the speed of light More Augmented reality glasses seek to keep speech in sight What it’s like to take psychedelics in small doses at breakfast Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 17 Jun 2017
Month June
Year 2017