New Scientist Magazine -17 December 2016 (NS171216)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS171216 published by New Scientist

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No.3104/5/6 Leaders Scientists won’t stop discovering stuff, no matter what NEWS THIS WEEK Exclusive: Mexico clinic plans 20 ‘three-parent’ babies in 2017 Third-ever natural quasicrystal found in Siberian meteorite Viruses may have evolved to hit men hard but go easy on women Antibacterial products may help bacteria beat antibiotics Mystery Antarctic circle means ice is melting from surface down Rare Arabian leopards forced out by frankincense harvesters Brain cell transplant helps fearful mice overcome anxiety IN BRIEF Cosmic dust grains found on city rooftops for the first time Longer ‘penis’ drives evolution of bigger brains in female fish T. rex cousin’s 99-million-year old tail feathers found in amber Galaxy’s rapid growth spurt may have spawned 3000 suns per year Fresh look at old data shows the sun is surprisingly sluggish First exoplanet weather report shows clouds of ruby and sapphire Monkeys should be able to talk just like us – so why don’t they? First evidence that wild mammals benefit from bigger brains ANALYSIS How we fell in love with our voice-activated home assistants More giant Earth-like exoplanets will be found next year Prepare for the real political game changer: robots with votes Lazy coders are training artificial intelligences to be sexist TECHNOLOGY Vapers experimenting with illegal drugs bought on the dark web APERTURE Space silhouettes: Giant monuments celebrate Soviet supremacy FEATURES Fold your own universe with our cosmic origami decoration Animal magnetism: Why dogs do their business pointing north Don’t believe the Skype: We never wanted to video call people Comb jelly videos are rewriting the history of your anus Were Aboriginal Australians the first astronomers? The fragile state of scientific glassblowing No more drama: The game theory guide to a happy family holiday Hung over: What science says about why you feel so rough Medieval wax seals are giving up fresh historical secrets Why predictive text is making you forget how to write Tree of life: How figs built the world and will help save it Why board games are far from a trivial pursuit Reindeer riddle: How do you tell caribou apart? Holiday brain-off round 1: Challenge your original thinking Holiday brain-off round 2: Test your reaction time Holiday brain-off round 4: Demonstrate the wisdom of the ages Holiday brain-off round 3: Build the Tower of Hanoi New Scientist 2016 holiday quiz

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 17 Dec 2016
Month December
Year 2016