New Scientist Magazine -14 January 2017 (NS140117)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS140117 published by New Scientist

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No.3108 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders We should embrace our ability to harness plant genes Don’t judge drug funding on political grounds NEWS UPFRONT Space travel's mental health toll could endanger long missions Norway is first country to turn off FM radio and go digital-only China plans telescope to hunt for primordial gravitational waves London road has broken annual legal pollution limits already Metal asteroid and Trojans selected for next NASA missions Thousands of birds to be culled in France to stop bird flu DeepMind's AlphaGo is secretly beating human players online 60 Seconds IN BRIEF The trunk trick that lets elephants pick up almost anything Oxytocin surge before a fight helps chimps bond with their group Brain shrinks less in older people who eat Mediterranean diet Brain’s face recognition area grows much bigger as we get older Extinct giant goose used its wings to fight rather than fly Cosmic radio bursts tracked to home galaxy for first time Transistor stretchier than skin for ultra-flexible wearable tech Milky Way’s core could be spewing out planet-sized star chunks ANALYSIS Preventing Big Cannabis: How to nip marijuana lobby in the bud China’s ivory ban is great, now for shark fins and tiger bone Battle to see all data behind drug trial tragedy must go on US Congress just made it easier to ditch science for politics APERTURE Carbon cascade reveals fresh look to the element of life FEATURES Dishing the dirt: How clean does your home really need to be? Attack of the household products: Hygiene’s hidden risks The paradox powering Earth’s magnetic field How to target tumours by messing with their metabolism PEOPLE Of presidents and planets: Neil deGrasse Tyson looks ahead CULTURE Down with data! Sagas are more likely to save Earth We know we are – but what else is conscious too? Make your own meat with open-source cells – no animals necessary Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 14 Jan 2017
Month January
Year 2017