New Scientist Magazine -13 August 2016 (NS130816)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS130816 published by New Scientist

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No. 3086 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders It's time we all became eco-warriors for water More haste, less speed: Don't rush to publish premature theory NEWS UPFRONT IceCube telescope in Antarctica rules out sterile neutrinos Obamacare has already improved health of low-income Americans World's longest lake is being depleted of life as waters warm Elusive Arabian sand cat spotted after 10 years' disappearance There could already be 40,000 people carrying Zika in the US US ban on some types of human-animal embryos could be lifted Plan to replant millions of trees in central England slows down 60 Seconds THIS WEEK Parents giving unproven IQ-boosting drugs to kids with Down's Best look yet at how our brain's sewage system flushes out waste Physicists look to the future as new particle dream dies Venus could have been habitable while life evolved on Earth First evidence of legendary flood reveals China's origin story Ice age fashion showdown: Neanderthal capes versus human hoodies Just a few hours' exercise a week makes your heart grow bigger IN BRIEF Mystery of why some sunflowers track the sun across skies solved Counting genetic mutations predicts how soon you’ll get cancer Libraries of plastic molecules could store huge amounts of data Baby monkeys smile in their sleep – more so than human babies Blood spatter model to help crime scene investigation Quantum computing race heats up as trapped ions rival microchips Being fat in middle age may shrink your brain’s white matter Giant honeybees may act like a collective lung to beat the heat ANALYSIS We have to recycle water on a massive scale – this is how we can School field trips to creationist Ark? Sink that idea right now Beyond drugs: the war on lifestyle disease needs new tactics Gene doping in sport could make the Olympics fairer and safer Cast into limbo, UK science is confronting Brexit uncertainty TECHNOLOGY How Tesla’s batteries can change the solar power game APERTURE Rainbow cake mountains show stunning slices of colour FEATURES The kindness paradox: Why be generous? Alien oceans: Is there life in the solar system’s secret seas? Killer fungi: The health threat that’s creeping up on us PEOPLE We risk our lives daily to safeguard Virunga National Park CULTURE Marconi forged today’s interconnected world of communication The long scientific voyage of Tudor warship the Mary Rose Regulars

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 13 Aug 2016
Month August
Year 2016