New Scientist Magazine -11 March 2017 (NS110317)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS110317 published by New Scientist

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No.3116 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Trump’s assault on climate science will not make America great NEWS UPFRONT Deep cuts to environmental research in Trump’s budget proposal Facebook is testing AI tools to help prevent suicide China’s new rocket makes its debut flight into space UK’s CO2 emissions lowest since 19th century as coal use falls Brain’s reward system earns researchers €1 million prize First yearly CO2 forecast predicts one of biggest rises ever Millions raised for women’s health after Trump’s abortion gag 60 Seconds IN BRIEF Elephants sleep for just 2 hours a day – the least of any mammal Why the dark net is more resilient to attack than the internet Climbing plants use taste to avoid clinging to other weak vines Stubborn wasp queens pass their personality on to their colony Image recognition app scans paintings to act like Shazam for art Autoimmune disorders linked to an increased risk of dementia Moon’s hidden craters detected by gravity mapper Older people are just as good at judging music as younger adults ANALYSIS Plankton can save the ocean. But who will save the plankton? Why do we get all nostalgic over old tech like the Nokia 3310? De-extinction dilemma: reviving dead species may doom the living Billionaires in space: A return to golden age of exploration APERTURE Fish’s toothy grin is perfect for crunching up armoured prey FEATURES The string-loop theory that might finally untangle the universe Good hydrations: Do I need eight glasses of water a day? Good hydrations: Is fruit juice better than soda? Good hydrations: Does milk make healthy brains and bones? Good hydrations: Is tea or coffee better for you? Good hydrations: Are health drinks healthy? Good hydrations: Is there a safe level of alcohol? PEOPLE Emotions are not universal – we build them for ourselves CULTURE Green thinking in the era of Trump Winning words: Write us a sci-fi masterpiece in 48 hours Strange futures, with air islands and dung radios

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 11 Mar 2017
Month March
Year 2017