New Scientist Magazine -10 December 2016 (NS101216)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS101216 published by New Scientist

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No.3103 Leaders Is historic Soviet radiation health data too hot to handle? NEWS UPFRONT North Dakota oil pipeline may still be built despite army block Europe's green energy policy is a disaster for the environment Breakthrough Prize hands out $25 million for ‘Oscars’ of science Virgin Galactic takes first solo glide flight since 2014 crash World's first city to power its water needs with sewage energy Biodiversity betrayed as nations fail miserably on conservation More at-risk people will get access to HIV preventive treatment 60 Seconds THIS WEEK Our brains record and remember things in exactly the same way Ancient leftovers show the real Paleo diet was a veggie feast Quantum computers ditch all the lasers for easier engineering Magic mushroom drug helps people with cancer face death Whales talk to each other by slapping out messages on water Dark matter that talks to itself could explain galaxy mystery Microbes carve tiny rock homes for their barnacle chefs IN BRIEF Dragon lizards fly by grabbing their fold-up wings with ‘hands’ Light therapy could break down Alzheimer’s brain deposits Quantum particles seen distorting light from a neutron star Quantum solar cells could explain why plants are green Proxima Centauri really does orbit its two bright neighbours Zap to the brain alters libido in unique sex study Bees of the sea: Tiny crustaceans pollinate underwater plants World's highest plants discovered growing 6km above sea level ANALYSIS Should fertility clinics offer experimental unproven treatments? ‘I feel young again’: Why a woman injects her ovaries with blood Moral consensus: a CEO should earn five times what workers get A state splash on science could bring fortune to Brexit Britain Jeremy Hunt's magical plan to block sexting is no help for teens APERTURE See the explosive life of fern fronds under the microscope FEATURES Super-you: Use your better instincts to crush your inner bigot Super-you: Discover the physics genius inside your brain Super-you: You have a superstitious mind – to protect you Super-you: The mutant powers you get from outsider genes Super-you: We’re all reading each other’s minds, all the time Super-you: Your body is a nation of trillions Super-you: How to harness your inner braggart Super-you: You are the greatest runner on Earth Super-you: Train your brain to beat the inbuilt fear factory Super-you: Fine-tune your life by making goals into habits Exclusive: First visit to Russia’s secret nuclear disaster site PEOPLE The road to hell is paved with corporate wellness CULTURE Maps and the 20th century: Where to draw the lines? How challenging the meaning of ‘fuel’ lets the real world in Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 10 Dec 2016
Month December
Year 2016