New Scientist Magazine -08 April 2017 (NS080417)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS080417 published by New Scientist

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No.3120 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Public fatigue is the friend of those who would thwart science NEWS UPFRONT Neglect and drug trade led to Colombian landslide disaster Warming drives Alaskan glacier to its lowest point in 900 years US bill restricts use of science in environmental policymaking Watching SpaceX’s historic relaunch and landing of a used rocket Debate rages over controversial copyright standard for the web Japan and Norway set off on annual whale hunt despite opposition It has got harder to access sexual health services in the UK 60 Seconds Great apes read peoples’ minds and help those with false beliefs NEWS & TECHNOLOGY Earth-sized telescope set to snap first picture of a black hole Google uses neural networks to translate without transcribing CO2 set to hit levels not seen in 50 million years by 2050 Synthetic humans help computers understand how real people act Eggs get less fertile with age because of chaotic cell division Oldest dust ever spotted in the universe seen in distant galaxy Prehistoric humans made jewellery out of exotic island animals Video projector creates augmented reality with no bulky headset Tiny fish’s venom makes predators zone out and release them Tadpoles learn to see with new eyes transplanted on their tails Destroying a type of brain cell makes mice really chilled out IN BRIEF Sawfish’s fearsome snout evolved to be undetectable to prey Trackers could unmask dark web users who think they’re anonymous Gravitational waves slow the spin of shape-shifting neutron star Android apps share data between them without your permission Giant octopus wears jellyfish cape after it devours its owner First ever cavefish discovered in Europe evolved super-fast Backwards asteroid shares an orbit with Jupiter without crashing ALS linked to occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields ANALYSIS How to snatch carbon emissions victory from US climate U-turn Geoengineering the sky is scary but we need to test it now Is most cancer just random bad luck? No, lifestyle matters a lot Why you should worry that your browsing history is now for sale APERTURE Feel the pinch: A pioneer of science photography does crab claws FEATURES Reality check: The hidden connections behind quantum weirdness A year on thin ice: Four seasons in a radically changed Arctic Internal conflict: How we can make friends with harmful bacteria PEOPLE Rorschach and his inkblots: The man, the test, the controversy CULTURE How the brain’s ability to time travel may have led to speech China’s workers need help to fight factories’ toxic practices How we represent ourselves can distort our identity More Crossword #5 Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 8 Apr 2017
Month April
Year 2017