New Scientist Magazine - 05 August 2017 (NS050817)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS050817 published by New Scientist

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No.3137 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Internet giants need to be reined in for the public good NEWS UPFRONT North Korea launches ICBM with potential to reach New York First results from US CRISPR gene editing on human embryos Quantum gravity detector will use atom clouds to survey for oil Voyage to study Earth’s mostly submerged hidden continent begins US plan to cut smoking with non-addictive cigarettes has flaws Hacking a US electronic voting booth takes less than 90 minutes US healthcare repeal law struck down at the eleventh hour 60 Seconds NEWS & TECHNOLOGY First proof that Facebook dark ads could swing an election First exomoon might have been spotted 4000 light years away Building blocks of alien cells found on Saturn’s largest moon Fungi use water droplet cannons to fling spores into the breeze Flatworms can still ‘see’ even after they are decapitated Tardigrade genomes help explain how they survive without water Sneaky attacks trick AIs into seeing or hearing what’s not there IVF babies grow up heavier and may have higher risk of obesity Donate your voice so Siri doesn’t just work for white men Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe DNA of long-dead cows read from pages of Medieval books IN BRIEF Keep having nightmares? You may be getting too much sleep Clinic ‘turkey baster’ method may be worth trying before IVF Fish can’t recognise faces if they’re upside down – just like us This is what the first flower on Earth might have looked like Smart glasses let you turn off the lights in the blink of an eye Men’s sweet tooth may increase risk of anxiety and depression Maths explains how bees can stay airborne with such tiny wings Oldest mass animal stranding revealed in Death Valley fossils ANALYSIS The renewables reality: clean energy hasn’t risen for 25 years Lectin-free is the new food fad that deserves to be skewered Aliens slumbering for billions of years are out there – really? Why the latest advice on stopping antibiotics is long overdue APERTURE Clear-up operation after severe flooding in north-east China FEATURES Getting on the map: How to fix the problem with addresses Brain box: Multitasking chips that can match the human mind Eradicating rabies: Why man’s best friend holds the key PEOPLE Finding the first pulsar set my world spinning CULTURE Is our environmental future better than we thought? Wild tales of stuffy sharks, intimate otters and unloved horses More Old Scientist: How to make a car chase really boring Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 5 Aug 2017
Month August
Year 2017