New Scientist Magazine - 04 November 2017 (NS041117)


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New Scientist Magazine - 04 November 2017 published by New Scientist

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No.3150 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Bitcoin: what a waste of resources NEWS UPFRONT Climate change will kill millions but you knew that already We have four years fewer to slash carbon emissions than thought Sharks now protected no matter whose waters they swim in Opioid crisis: Trump suggests telling young people drugs are bad UK’s plan to tackle ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling lacks evidence People who illegally kill birds of prey are getting away with it 60 Seconds NEWS & TECHNOLOGY First results from young blood Alzheimer’s trial are criticised Alzheimer’s may be able to spread through blood transfusions We may have found 20 habitable worlds hiding in plain sight A legal trade in rhino horn could be twice as big as illegal one Bitcoin mining uses more energy than Ecuador – but there’s a fix How a tiny shrimp fires a savage shock wave using just its claw A third of animals are vanishing as roads spread through forests Donor organs created by dissolving and rebuilding pig livers The first ancestors of giant pandas probably lived in Europe Boiling water on Mars could make the planet’s sand levitate Light’s quantum weirdness survives after going to space and back Space changes how your brain thinks and it starts right away Want to think outside of the box? Try sniffing a placebo We may have just seen the first comet from another solar system IN BRIEF Mussel-inspired plastic could make self-repairing body armour We’ve evolved an even more powerful form of CRISPR gene editing Female birds that used to be silent are now singing like males People who can’t see fireworks can feel them with new display We now know more on the origins of weird duck-shaped comet 67P Early menopause is more likely if you’ve ever been underweight Kitchen counter bio-lab lets you create edible gloop from cells Gaming addiction probably isn’t a real condition, study suggests ANALYSIS Is modern life making today’s teenagers more depressed? Good news: A robot has been hired to care for our old folk UN climate events are a wasted opportunity for public engagement Ban on weedkiller glyphosate won’t save anyone from cancer APERTURE Peek inside a gilded cage of liquid argon made to spot neutrinos FEATURES The very first living thing is still alive inside each one of us Quantum code: why building the ultimate computer is the easy bit Chill factors: The everyday things that make us see ghosts PEOPLE The tortoise-riding banker who collected the natural world CULTURE Three competing visions of our future communities Inside the strange world of the Museum of Ordinary Animals More Old Scientist: Why aren’t there more British Nobels? Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
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Date 4 Nov 2017
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Year 2017