New Scientist Magazine -04 March 2017 (NS040317)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS040317 published by New Scientist

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No.3115 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders To advance science we need to think about the impossible SpaceX follows Jules Verne – with one exception NEWS UPFRONT Atmospheric rivers leave California dried out and then flooded UTIs could soon be life-threatening without new antibiotics Was Kim Jong-nam killed by VX nerve gas? Doesn’t look like it Having a cigarette may make your body crave coffee too SpaceX plans to send two civilians around the moon next year Rebooted Nokia 3310 steals the show at exhibition of mobile tech The EU’s renewable energy policy is making global warming worse 60 Seconds IN BRIEF You should be eating 10 pieces of fruit or veg every day, not 5 Having a cigarette may make your body crave coffee too Augmented reality lets cars communicate to reduce road rage Caterpillars vibrate anuses to send food and shelter alerts Bees learn to play golf and show off how clever they really are AI beats professional players at Super Smash Bros. video game Voyager 1 might have seen Enceladus’ icy plumes 25 years early Snow will melt more slowly in a warmer world – here’s why ANALYSIS Next-gen microbiome drugs are now on sale – should you buy them? Pluto is still an ex-planet, no matter what its fans think Dozy drivers pose big dilemma for next step in autonomous cars Bill Gates’ robot tax alone won’t save jobs: here’s what will APERTURE How to dust a telescope’s 78-square-metre mirror with CO2 FEATURES Cosmic uncertainty: Is the speed of light really constant? Cosmic uncertainty: Could quantum weirdness be even weirder? Cosmic uncertainty: Does time go both ways? Cosmic uncertainty: Are there really just three dimensions? Cosmic uncertainty: Are there antimatter worlds out there? The opposite birds: What wiped out the ancient rulers of the sky Anaesthesia: What really happens when the lights go out Putting you under: When anaesthesia goes wrong PEOPLE Milking time at the den of deadly snakes CULTURE Technoaddicts: turn on, touch in, swipe out Volcanoes: Oxford exhibition gives the fiery inside story Unmaking the myths of our gendered minds Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 4 Mar 2017
Month March
Year 2017