New Scientist Magazine -03 September 2016 (NS030916)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS030916 published by New Scientist

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No. 3089 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Metaphysics has much to offer the study of the natural world NEWS UPFRONT Italy to test earthquake predictor to reduce deaths and damage Court rules in favour of Queensland mega-mine Zika virus remains in semen three times longer than we thought Slow-breeding elephants hurtle towards extinction Drug-induced abortion less safe in Ohio after 2011 law Mysterious SETI signal sends alien-hunting telescopes scrambling Crew emerges from year-long simulated Mars mission 60 Seconds THIS WEEK Revealed: Google’s plan for quantum computer supremacy Proxima b’s star could be blasting away the planet’s atmosphere Semen reshapes immune system to boost chances of pregnancy Mind-controlled nanobots could release drugs inside your brain Ultrasound brain zap wakes man from minimally conscious state Elephants’ footprints leave behind tiny oases for aquatic life IN BRIEF Tiniest grazing mammal was a pig at the front, horse at the back Rewinding memories may help us recall where the good stuff is Supersized molecules stretch a thousand times further than usual The fish that have bellies full of mice – but we don’t know how Babies’ health could be affected by variation in IVF nutrients Ghost galaxy is 99.99 per cent dark matter with almost no stars Monster slugs are devouring defenceless baby birds in nests Gang of gas giants may have tilted distant planet system ANALYSIS Do we need to rein in Facebook and Google’s power? Wildlife hero Chris Packham: anti-conservationists will not win Putting healthcare first can save festival drug users from harm Failure of fake babies: Why it doesn’t pay to go with your gut TECHNOLOGY Smart medicine is coming of age, but will doctors bite? Instagram posts can reveal depression before doctors diagnose it APERTURE See the Alaskan village that voted to flee climate change FEATURES Metaphysics special: How do I know I exist? Metaphysics special: What is consciousness? Metaphysics special: Why is there something rather than nothing? Metaphysics special: What is the meaning of life? Metaphysics special: Where do good and evil come from? Metaphysics special: Do we have free will? Metaphysics special: What is reality made of? Metaphysics special: Is time an illusion? Metaphysics special: Can we ever know if God exists? PEOPLE How a young maverick’s grit saved the world’s rarest bird CULTURE How water shortages flow into collaboration not war Britain’s first lumberjacks have long tales to tell

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 3 Sep 2016
Month September
Year 2016