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New Scientist Magazine - 02 September 2017 published by New Scientist

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No.3141 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Online hate victims must speak out if the law is to stop the mob We need a more grown-up conversation about the menopause NEWS UPFRONT Texas may be just as vulnerable when next big hurricane hits Lethal injection contained a chemical never tried before Exclusive: We may have detected a new kind of gravitational wave North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan for first time Australia plans random drug tests for people receiving welfare Snow leopards aren’t as rare as we thought – but aren’t safe yet Steampunk rover design eliminates electronics to survive Venus 60 Seconds NEWS & TECHNOLOGY It only takes a few gene tweaks to make a human voice Human blood and skin cells used to treat Parkinson’s in monkeys AI uses bitcoin trail to find and help sex-trafficking victims Photos of skinny women affect people’s minds in just 15 minutes Your broadband provider can use your smart devices to spy on you We’ve seen how our brains file away memories for the first time Nobody knows how these baby stars got so close to our black hole Monkeys can see faces in inanimate things, just like us Large non-native species like donkeys can boost biodiversity Mummy autopsy reveals earliest known case of liver parasite Wonky signals from distant stars could be sign of exocomets Secret lifestyle of the dodo revealed for the first time First underwater entanglement could lead to unhackable comms IN BRIEF Low-ranked female monkeys band together against their leaders Robot suit helps children with cerebral palsy to walk better Doing meth raises the risk of strokes in young people Medieval London was the most violent place in England Eat a seasonal diet and your gut microbes may change in sync Twisted carbon nanotubes harness waste energy and put it to work Lithium in tap water seems to both raise and lower dementia risk Icy hard drives cram 5300 movies onto a postage stamp ANALYSIS Is donating your DNA to the NHS worth the privacy risks? Culture not biology is behind many differences between the sexes Why aren’t we testing whether planes can survive a drone crash? Will Google’s targeted depression tests really help people? APERTURE A honeybee struggles to escape the grip of a fearsome beewolf FEATURES How much is your science capital worth? Our greatest creation: Where maths comes from and what it’s for How menopause and Alzheimer’s change the brain in similar ways Taking Earth’s pulse: How to predict eruptions from space PEOPLE I survived a tsunami of online hate and now fight to help others CULTURE The Darkening Web: Misinformation is the strongest cyberweapon The day Hope the whale stole the show ‘Radical’ new biography of Darwin is unreliable and inaccurate More Old Scientist: Goodbye Daedalus, our resident implausible genius Regulars LETTERS, FEEDBACK, THE LAST WORD

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 2 Sep 2017
Month September
Year 2017