New Scientist Magazine -01 October 2016 (NS011016)


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New Scientist Magazine issue NS011016 published by New Scientist

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No. 3093 TABLE OF CONTENTS Leaders Childhood poverty can be a life sentence – we must act NEWS UPFRONT Plumes spotted on Europa raise hopes that we can taste its ocean US set to miss its emissions target under the Paris climate deal Biggest radio telescope on Earth ready to receive alien signals Kuwait lawyers fight world's first mandatory DNA sampling law Rosetta spacecraft to complete its mission with a crash Refugee fence and solar plant may wipe out one of rarest mammals 60 Seconds THIS WEEK Exclusive: World's first baby born with new “3 parent” technique Brain-eating amoebas hunt brain chemical before they kill you Mystery text's language-like patterns may be an elaborate hoax You can see fracking's impact on Earth's surface from space Could sex hormones help addicted women stop taking opioids? Cave fires and rhino skull used in Neanderthal burial rituals IN BRIEF Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds Brain has carrot and stick to teach us how to behave Living with adult children could protect against depression Supernova extraordinaire might actually be a black hole's lunch Surfing on a turtle's tail makes swinging crabs monogamous How baby beluga whales dive deeper and longer than any others Body clock gene may help lethal spread of breast cancer Puffed-up exoplanets inflate with heat from their stars alone ANALYSIS The truth about porn: why masturbation won't kill your sex life ‘I felt like such a slave’: Why one man gave up porn for good Russian hacker threat to hit US election must be taken seriously World must resist pressure to lift ban on trade in rhino horn Repairing your old fridge sounds green but buying new is better TECHNOLOGY Uber and Google race against car firms to map the world's cities Camera spots your hidden prejudices from your body language APERTURE A not-so-delicate buttercup crafted from metal FEATURES Hidden powers: 6 amazing things your unconscious mind can do Fast asleep? Your unconscious is still listening Don’t think: How your brain works things out all by itself We accurately weigh up a person’s character in 0.1 seconds How we know where our limbs are without thinking Break bad habits by hacking the autopilot in your brain Your brain’s crystal ball helps you understand speech and fear How to see the thoughts you don’t know you are having Let’s harness synthetic biology to fix our broken planet Robot eyes are catching up with our exploding cosmos PEOPLE We thought the Romanian orphanages were bad… CULTURE Animal sound symphony tells us new things about our world When art and technology pull each other to bits

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Publisher New Scientist
Title New Scientist Magazine
Frequency Weekly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Oct 2016
Month October
Year 2016