Model Engineers Workshop - September 2018 (No. 271 )


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Model Engineers Workshop -September 2018 (No. 271 ) by MyTimeMedia

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This month’s cover shows an aluminium tube, threaded onto a temporary mandrel and being turned at high speed. For more information on different approaches to workholding, see Neil Wyatt’s Lathework for Beginners on page 27. This month we also feature: Metric Overlays for a Myford Imperial Thread Cutting Gearbox Mike Philpotts followed up a discussion on the Model Engineer Forum. Making the Ratchet Click Spring of a Mechanical Clock Bernard Zaegel describes how to repurpose a depthing tool into a spring forming device. A High-Speed Engraving Attachment Keith Johnson concludes the description of his accessory for a CNC mill. A Stepper Motor Driven Toolchanger Further details of this accessory for CNC lathes by Simon Davies. Axminster Engineer Series Drill Vices They are new and they are very blue! Stub Mandrel takes an in-depth look. An Indexing head for the Unimat SL1000 Unimat guru, Terry Gorin, returns with a neat accessory that would also suit many other small lathes and mills. My Unique Discovery of the Ajax Benchtop Horizontal Milling Machine It’s not quite pocket sized, but this little machine found by Geoff Adams would fit in nearly any workshop. Repairing a Lathe Motor Paul Murray sorts out a faulty centrifugal switch. Two Useful Workshop Phone Applications Chris Gill has written two useful apps you can download from our website. Production Runs on the Lathe Alex du Pre gives some advice on making repetition work less tedious. Sine Bar Angle Setting Gauge This tool made as an apprentice by John Ashton simplifies setting up. Plus all your regular favourites!

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineers Workshop
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Sep 2018
Month September
Year 2018