Model Engineers Workshop - March 2019 (No. 278)


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Model Engineers Workshop - by MyTimeMedia


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This month’s cover shows Joe Noci’s computer numerically controlled Alba 2S featured on page 67. In with CBN Grinding – Out with Dressing and the Dust A look at sharpening endmills with this increasingly popular grinding option by Keith Johnson. Directory of Sheffield Tool Manufacturers The history of the tools we use can be fascinating. Jim Steele reviews a new book from Geoffrey Tweedale. Alibre Atom3D This month Rob Footitt completes the scriber parts and moves on to making assemblies. Unusual Chucks from The Past Brett Meacle concludes his how-to series on constructing these useful stepped chucks. Lathe Tools for the Beginner Peter Shaw shares his experiences and compares using different types of lathe tooling. A Cam Grinding Machine Alex du Pre’s concludes his constructional series on making this device for grinding single and multiple valve camshafts. Drill Press Vice Clamps An alternative take on drill vice clamping from Barry O’Neil Lathework for Beginners This month Neil Wyatt looks at milling on the lathe. Gib Tightening and Machine Lighting Some useful tips from down under, courtesy of Jim Byers. Living with a SIEG SX3 Milling Machine Austin Hughes recounts the story of his machine over eight years

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineers Workshop
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 22 Feb 2019
Month March
Year 2019