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Model Engineer

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Roger Davis makes a spherical turning attachment to form the head of his one third scale GWR water crane. Having completed the manufacture of his rotary broach, Ray Griffin now uses it to form a square hole. Martin Gearing completes the main structure of his vertical boiler by adding the lagging and banding. Jon Edney finishes off his 7¼ inch gauge riding trolley by constructing the superstructure. The Bradford Model Engineering Society makes progress on the relaying of its raised track by pouring concrete to lay the track foundations. Martin Wallis looks back over the summer season of road steam rallies. Graham Sadler demonstrates how to make a slitting saw holder. Chris Rayward completes the valve gear for his 5 inch gauge LNWR 0-8-2T heavy shunting locomotive. Roger Backhouse takes a trip to the Macclesfield Paradise Mill and Silk Museum and explores the technology of the ingenious Jacquard loom. John Arrowsmith reports on the results of the competition classes at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition. Alan Barnes tells the story of Martin Young’s half scale Burrell Showman’s engine. Mick Knights tackles a major turning job on his quarter scale BR2 rotary aero engine, making the thrust box.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineer
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 28 Nov 2018
Month December
Year 2018