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Model Engineer


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Doug Hewson makes a GNR lattice post signal for his 5 inch gauge railway. Chris Rayward makes the smokebox for his 5 inch gauge L&NWR 0-8-2T heavy shunting tank locomotive. Tony Bird bends up a rudder for Tadpole and then makes a start on its two-cylinder oscillating engine. Mitch Barnes encounters a teeny problem in parting off tiny parts and so devises a weeny parting tool to solve it. Roger Backhouse goes back in time by taking a trip up the Clyde on the last of the Steam Puffers, reputedly one of the least glamorous vessels sailing on British waters. Having previously discussed the causes of corrosion in steel boilers, Bob Bramson goes on to describe ways of preventing your boiler rusting away before your eyes. Having completed the mechanical aspects of his CNC conversion of a Sieg milling machine, Graham Sadler turns his attention to the electronics. David Haythornthwaite machines the main column of his one inch scale Model Engineer beam engine. Mick Knights makes the Tufnol slip ring, which is a key component of the ignition system for his quarter scale rotary aero engine. John Arrowsmith pays a visit to an impressively huge model engineering exhibition in Germany.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineer
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 5 Mar 2019
Month March
Year 2019