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Model Engineer


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Martin Gearing makes and fits a superheater for his vertical boiler. Robert Hobbs tackles the painting and final assembly of his 2½ inch gauge Pacific locomotive, City of Stoke on Trent. John Clarke looks at the history of framework knitting machines and how he set out to make a one sixth scale model of an eighteenth century example. Graham Sadler completes his boring tool kit by making a set of boring bars for it, after taking a break to discuss the interesting subject of soft vice jaws. Rhys Owen tells the story of Kordina Zsigmund and his invention of a more effective locomotive blast pipe. Doug Hewson considers the frames and buffer beams of his 5 inch gauge GWR pannier tank. Chris Gunn completes the canopy for his Garrett 4CD tractor by adding the canvas covering and painting it. John Arrowsmith relates how a Swiss rack locomotive from the Brienz Rothorn Bahn paid a visit to the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Terence Holland presents designs for the water and pressure gauges on his Barclay well tanks. Alan Pickering has a rummage through his scrap box and constructs a water cooled Stirling engine of such massive proportions that it is virtually theft-proof.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineer
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 22 Feb 2019
Month March
Year 2019