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Model Engineer

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Doug Hewson continues to demonstrate how to build very authentic looking signals and shows how achieving a high degree of realism is in fact reasonably straightforward. Ashley Best revisits the Bolton Corporation tramcar and discusses the latest development of the vehicle, with enclosed balconies. Graham Astbury examines some industrial data in an attempt to discover the limits of strength of a glass tube. Terence Holland presents the design of the safety valve and clack valves on his Great War Barclay well tank. Martin Gearing achieves the first ‘cook up’ of his vertical boiler. Stephen Harrison concludes his report on the 50th IMLEC with a description of the last day’s runs and presents the results. Graham Gardner fires up his home foundry and casts a set of 7¼ inch gauge locomotive wheels. Mike Tilby continues his discussion of how a steam turbine works and explains that mysterious quantity, enthalpy. Tim Coles casts his mind back to the Doncaster exhibition in May and provides a retrospective of the Gas Turbine Builders Association stand. John Arrowsmith spends a day at the Bristol Model Engineering exhibition and our cover features one of the models discovered there; Stephen Wessel’s beautiful ENV aero engine.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineer
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 14 Sep 2018
Month September
Year 2018