Model Engineer - 18 August 2017 (Model Engineer 4567)


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Model Engineer - 18 August 2017 (Model Engineer 4567)

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In this issue ... A new stationary steam engine for the novice model engineer; a look at Coventry dieheads, reminiscences, IMLEC and a FREE PLAN for a mechanical lubricator. Bob Middleton has designed several small stationary steam engines suitable for the novice model engineer and they are all a little out of the ordinary. Rodney Oldfield guides the builder through his latest offering and the engine features on the cover this time. IMEC was held in early July and we have the results tables together with a report on the first day’s running. Ian Mayes makes an experimental pulse tube engine and the 8-day table clock ingeniously powered by magnets is completed. Three pages of readers’ letters cover subjects as varied as a uniflow locomotive, an unusual wall engine and press fit bearings amongst many more. Coventry dieheads are not commonly found in the amateur engineer’s workshop but we have an article looking at their use and benefits. In Terence Holland’s continuing series on his Barclay Well Tanks he refers to a mechanical lubricator designed by Martin Evans so we took the opportunity to reprint it in its entirety for the benefit of readers. Ron Fitzgerald continues his fascinating series on the intertwining histories of English and French locomotive development in the second half of the 19th Century by taking a close look at the early days of the compounds.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineer
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 18 Aug 2017
Month August
Year 2017