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Model Engineer - 4595 by Mytime Media

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Roger Backhouse enjoys an engineer’s day out on the Isle of Man and takes a ride on the Manx Electric Railway. John Arrowsmith spends a day with the Isle of Wight’s model engineers. Graham Gardner enjoys the glorious July weather at the Somerset Traction Engine Club’s annual rally. Martin Ranson describes various aspects of the plumbing of his 32mm steam locomotive and considers the merits of a geared drive. Martin Gearing drills the flanged tube plates for his vertical boiler and offers a tip for improving solder penetration. Mick Knights adds more carefully positioned holes to the crankcase of his quarter scale Bentley BR2 rotary aero engine. Martin Evans builds some colour light signals for his railway and explains how they are controlled over a wireless link. Graham Sadler continues his CNC conversion of the Sieg SX2 milling machine by machining the X and Y thrust bearing housings. Henk-Jan de Ruiter looks back over the history of slot car racing. Martin Johnson concludes his discussion on the design and simulation of model boilers by weighing the benefits of superheaters. Stephen Harrison reports on the second day’s runs at the locomotive efficiency competition held at the Birmingham Society of Model Engineers.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineer
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 14 Sep 2018
Month September
Year 2018