Chat - 29th August 2019


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Issue 35

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Chat, one of Britain's best-loved titles, is the real-life weekly that reaches out to touch the reader and shares with her an explosive conversation through heart-stopping moments and the wit and grit of real-life. Bursting with energy, Chat tells the stories that get everyone talking.

On top of the moving real-life stories, Chat's pages are bursting with prizes, puzzles, polls, fashion, telly news and gripping crime stories. Every page is crammed with value. What's not to love!

Our website the online destination for bags of fun and entertainment. Enter the exciting new competitions which are regularly updated, plus look out for the latest bargains, recipes, heath advice, travel reviews and picture galleries. There's a whole host of fun and games to be had.

Additional Information

Publisher TI Media
Title Chat
Frequency Weekly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 29 Aug 2019
Month August
Year 2019