Hi-Fi News - October 2018


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Hi-Fi News - October 2018 published by MyTimeMedia

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In news and opinion this month,Meze unveils first headphone with Isodynamic Hybrid Array tech, Chord announces outboard upsampler, floorstanding flagship monoblocks from T&A, Reloop direct-drive deck, plus John Curl’s stereo power amp. In opinion we have insider comment on the key audio topics of the day from Paul Miller, Barry Fox, Jim Lesurf, Steve Harris and, writing from across the Pond, our US correspondent Barry Willis. We review Kalista DreamPlay ONE - Superior chips, seven PSUs and a Philips CD Pro transport – could this be the last CD player you’ll need? Klipsch RF-7 III - Big-hearted, barrel-chested and with Tractrix horns to boot... we spend quality time with the US company’s mighty Reference Line floorstander... and much more!

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Hi-Fi News
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Oct 2018
Month October
Year 2018