Golf Monthly - February 2017 (GM0217)


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Golf Monthly issue GM0217 published by Time Inc.

Product Description

We take a look inside the February edition of Golf Monthly – your golfing manual for 2017. We have tips on essential shots to learn, tactics that will help you think your way around the course more effectively and a rules refresher to ensure you know how to deal with the most common situations golfers face. To help you broaden your golfing horizons, we’ve included new courses to seek out and listed reasons to play in some ‘open’ competitions. And, for those who follow the elite game, we have selected ten players who we think will make it big, plus noteworthy tournaments to attend if you fancy catching some live golf. We have also produced our biggest ever buyers’ guide with lots of practical advice on how to select the right gear for you.

Additional Information

Publisher Time Inc.
Title Golf Monthly
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Feb 2017
Month February
Year 2017