Yachting Monthly - April 2017 (YM0417)


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Yachting Monthly issue YM0417 published by Time Inc.

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Sailing Skills Expert on board: Perfect sail power for any weather Use your electronics to make a chart so you know when to change sail plan Practical seamanship: Stepping up to skipper Combining warm weather sailing with a Day Skipper qualification, Michael Blyth heads to Greece Training: Sailing courses in the Med There are plenty of places in the Mediterranean to get some sun while getting your Day Skipper Any Questions? • Are these lenticular clouds? • Would pot regulations work? • Where to find Thornycroft engines? • Will insurance really pay up? Cruising Pilotage: Cruise round Anglesey With good planning and use of tides, sailing round Anglesey can be rewarding says Don Fitzroy Smith A summer passage through the Celtic Sea Norman Kean turns south to explore the waters between Ireland, Cornwall and Ushant Farewell Mike Peyton Dick Durham pays tribute to the yachting cartoonist Mike Peyton, with the final interview before he died Sail on or sell up You’re free to change your plans, says Jess Lloyd-Mostyn Cruising the desert in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez Jeanne Socrates risks hurricanes for the beauty of desert, tropical waters and abundant wildlife Cruise the world’s biggest ocean We review the new Pacific Crossing Guide Cruising log Rewarding cruises in the Channel, the Pacific and the Med Anchorages A stopover on Inishtrahull, Ireland’s northernmost island Gear & Boat Reviews First look: 10 brand new yacht designs reviewed Dozens of new boats were launched at Boot Düsseldorf. Graham Snook takes his pick Tried & tested • Henri Lloyd gilet • Musto evolution trousers New gear • Bespoke blocks• AIS EPIRB • Rig tension gauge • USB socket ‘Our safety at night relies on 19th Century thinking’ After urging the MCA to update the Colregs on anchor lights, Alastair Buchan is still in the dark Expert mooring advice Five pages of advice on using moorings, how to know what’s on the other end and how strong it will be

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Publisher TI Media
Title Yachting Monthly
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Apr 2017
Month April
Year 2017