Womans Own - 24 October 2016 (WN241016)


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Womans Own issue WN241016 published by Time Inc.

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Rivalry between primetime soaps is nothing new, but the latest soap scuffle has had one cast up in arms. Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles says her fellow actors have been ‘stitched right up’, while co-star Adam Thomas says ‘it does cause a bit of a gripe.’ But just what is it that has these TV stars up in arms? Well, while the cast of Coronation Street are enjoying the perfect lazy Sunday, Emmerdale’s band of actors have to work over the weekends. While the difference is referred to light-heartedly a source reveals that it appears that the ‘Corrie lot seem to get cushier lives”. Who knew there was so much drama off screen?

Additional Information

Publisher Time Inc.
Title Womans Own
Frequency Weekly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 24 Oct 2016
Month October
Year 2016