Woman Fit & Well - September 2016 (WMFW0916)


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Woman Fit and well issue WMFW0916 published by Time Inc.

Product Description

Woman Fit & Well - September 2016 The recharge Diet: Boost your energy-and drop pounds in weight. 5 Smart and speedy sandwiches: For a light healthy lunch. Roast Chicken: Try it the healthy way. Holiday beauty SOS! The 20 best new trainers under £50. Great hair all summer. Beat the heat. Feel better fast: Quick fixes. Web workouts on test: No time for the gym? Go online. Seven foods diet experts wouldn't touch with a bargepole! Find out what you should avoid. Snack & slim! Lose 7lb in four weeks. Do you need a power nap? Seven reasons why short sleeps rock. Build the perfect salad. Float yourself fit! Make a splash with a water workout. The power plank challenge: Get a tighter sum in just 30 days

Additional Information

Publisher Time Inc.
Title Woman Fit & Well
Frequency Monthly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 1 Sep 2016
Month September
Year 2016