RCM&E - October 2017


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RCM&E - October 2017 published by MyTimeMedia

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ON THE COVER Scale models don’t come crisper than this 124” span, 1/5-scale, Lysander III built by Chris Peers and the elusive Spartacus. Alex Whittaker tracked down both the men and their model and you can see what all the fuss is about starting on page 110 FREE PRO-PLANS DESTINY Peter Miller brings his Angel series to a curvatious conclusion with this 56” span sport aerobat that awaits your .40 four-stroke HALF TONE Shaun Garrity has another blast from the past in the form of a Dave Platt sporster that promotes simple pleasures REGULARS SWITCH ON News of a 12-hour flyathon and lots more… COUNTERPOINT New products heading your way ALL WRITE Over to you… GOING PLACES Our updated events listing MARKETPLACE Your FREE reader ad’ service NEXT ISSUE It’s the Special with a big new jet plan from Tony Nijhuis! COLUMNS WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch takes the heat out of his engines WEEKENDERS Whittaker considers classic bipes and a clever starting idea ON SILENT WINGS Simon Cocker reports from a slew of summer soaring events MAKE IT SCALE Barkston bound Danny Fenton gets the Chippy ready and explains how to mould Depron BENCH BLOG Tim Hooper gets stuck into spoked wheels and a new old-timer FEATURES PILOTS’ PICTORIAL Highlighting your projects COSFORD 2017 Despite the gloomy weather, the LMA’s big bash was as memorable as ever! SUBSCRIBE! …and we’ll send you a FREE battery charger! USING FLIGHT CONTROLLERS PT.1 Increasingly found in fixed wing models, Lee Schofield starts a new series aimed at showing how it’s done PSSA ON THE LLEYN Fab weather made for memorable soaring as Phil Cooke reports ALBATROS Mark Wilkins describes how his wonderful 44” span D.III came together MODEL MAGIC Whittaker is allowed to see a very fine Westland Lysander RETRO TECH Shaun Garrity remembers a couple of early chargers that sometimes had other ideas REVIEWS X-VERT Blade join the VTOL party WOT4 PRO The latest version of the Chris Foss classic TORRENT 110 A micro quad that packs plenty of punch RCGF 10CC RE The new rear-exhaust version of the popular two-stroke petrol engine A-10 FMS’ big and rather gorgeous EDF twin SUBSCRIBE! …and we’ll send you a FREE Fastrax transmitter bag! SAFE ARRIVAL PT.2 Clive Hall concludes his narrative on the most crucial manoeuvre of all A MODEL FLYERS BEST FRIEND Why a multimeter should be on every workbench FREESTYLE MASTERS Whittaker enjoys the vibe at the UK’s new aerobatic competition SAND AND DELIVER David Ashby visits SLEC to find out where all the balsa comes from UNDERSTANDING FLIGHT PHASES Getting to grips with an underused radio feature RETRO TECH Mixing in the days before computer radios REVIEWS MXS 76/83 Andy Ellison flies a variable span aerobat from Extreme Flight PRIMO Dynam’s cartoon Cub trainer MINI HAWK III The new Mk.3 version of Staufenbiel’s pocket rocket INDUCTRIX PRO E-flite update the little quad that spawned a new genre SUPER STEARMAN It’s a big 71” span Stearman from Seagull, nuff said

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title RCM&E
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Oct 2017
Month October
Year 2017