Model Boats - June 2018


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Model Boats - June 2018 published MyTimeMedia

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Where better to start than with yet another FREE plan! Adopting the theme of last month’s article on shallow draught hulls, and putting all the theory into practice, Glynn Guest has penned a right corker in the form of Caerleon Castle, a small 1950 / ‘60s era cruise ship. Perfect for beginners and eminently suitable as a quick-build for you old hands it boasts a lowly 12mm draught and the self-righting qualities of a Weeble… Guess what?We’ve finally made space for that feature on Kim White’s 1:72-scale model of the W.W.I battlecruiser HMS Invincible – prepare for a treat… The Amati Grand Banks 46’ Modern Schooner makes an appearance which, if you’re a motor yacht fan, you’re going to love, not least for all the internal mahogany-trimmed detailing… John Parker is back with more wonderfully evocative retro ramblings focussing on early Japanese motors, the like of which you’ve probably not seen since you were in short trousers… Ray Wood is on a roll! Following last month’s Freeman 22 plan he’s back with Silver Mist, a Vic Smeed scale-up that’s the epitome of the perfect gentleman’s motor launch. All this, all our regulars, and more, is packed into the bulging June issue.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Boats
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Jun 2018
Month June
Year 2018