Golf Monthly - August 2017 (GM0817)


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Golf Monthly issue GM0817 published by Time Inc.

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We take a look inside the August issue of Golf Monthly, which includes a FREE 36-page supplement designed to transform your long game, Sergio Garcia talking us through the shots that won him the Masters and our test of the latest golf shoes on the market. Added to this we have all the usual jam-packed gear, courses, rules and features sections plus opinion from Wayne Riley, Dan Walker Chris Wood and Bill Elliott. 1. Sergio Garcia’s Master Strokes The Spaniard talks us through the four shots that helped him win his long-awaited first Major at Augusta. 2. FREE 36-page Transform Your Long Game supplement We’ve teamed up with TaylorMade and Me And My Golf to bring you a complete guide to your long game including reader fittings, instruction, strategy, the best new gear and advice from the tour. 3. Is ‘Ready Golf’ The Answer To Slow Play? GM takes to the course to see how ‘ready golf’ works and how much it can speed up the game. 4. Shoe Test Find the best golf shoes for your game with the help of the GM team, who tested all the latest releases on a recent trip to Ireland. 5. Chubby Chandler We catch up with one of the game’s biggest characters who gives us his thoughts on the current state of the professional game. 6. Old Head The glorious Irish links recently played host to the GM team and it certainly didn’t disappoint. 7. Help! I Can’t Flush My Irons Our reader lesson sees GM Top 25 Coach Paul Foston work on distance and consistency with his latest pupil. 8. Rules Our Rules expert from the R&A helps clarify issues surrounding immovable obstructions, match play competitions and more. 9. Golf Club Membership Roderick Easdale takes a look at a few different options for the modern golf club and ponders the best way forward for the industry. 99

Additional Information

Publisher TI Media
Title Golf Monthly
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 1 Aug 2017
Month August
Year 2017