Model Engineer - 11th May 2018 (Model Engineer 4586)


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Model Engineer - 11th May 2018 (Model Engineer 4586)

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Roger Backhouse visits the Lion Salt Works near Northwich in Cheshire. Angus French completes the conversion of a Clarke mill to CNC with the construction of the Arduino based control system. Anthony Mount concludes the construction of his Ferrabee pillar engine with the final assembly and the making of a plinth and base. Terence Holland continues with the manufacture of a boiler for his Barclay well tank by tackling the inner steam dome and firebox plates and then describes the process of silver soldering the boiler. John Clarke gives an account of the construction of his model of Richard Newsham’s patented ‘new water engine’ of 1721. Graham Sadler turns to the topic of engineering drawings and discusses the different ways 3D objects may be represented in two dimensions. Jon Edney makes a riding trolley of versatile design for his 7¼ inch gauge garden railway. Geoff Theasby surveys the club scene and brings us up to date with what is happening around the world. Duncan Webster explains the mathematics behind the art of wheel balancing and considers how relevant this is to miniature steam locomotives. Our front cover shows a wheel set from Tornado being spun up on a balancing lathe.

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Publisher MyTimeMedia
Title Model Engineer
Frequency Monthly
Sector Hobbies & Interests
Date 11 May 2018
Month May
Year 2018