Amateur Photographer - 28 October 2017 (AP281017)


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Amateur Photographer - 28 October 2017

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What’s in Amateur Photographer 28 October 2017 Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Andy Westlake takes a first look at Canon’s new APS-C zoom compact 30 ways to make the most of your lenses They are a vital piece of your kit, so it pays dividends to make sure you are really getting the most from your lenses Final scorers Michael Donald has photographed all the living World Cup Final goal scorers for his latest book Goal! The big reveal The impressive, as well as thought-provoking, winning images from this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Class mirrorless glass Ten top pros reveal their favourite lenses for mirrorless cameras Doing the honours This year’s RPS Award winners are a wonderfully creative and eclectic group Best lenses for Canon and Nikon An in-depth round-up to help you choose the next lens for your Canon and Nikon DSLR Final Analysis Roger Hicks considers… ‘The Raising of Lazarus’ by Raymond Martinez Regulars 7 days Inbox Tech Support COVER PICTURES © Andrew Sydenham and Tony Wu

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Publisher TI Media
Title Amateur Photographer
Frequency Weekly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 28 Oct 2017
Month October
Year 2017