Amateur Photographer - 25 November 2017 (AP251117)


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Amateur Photographer - 25 November 2017

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What’s in Amateur Photographer 25 November 2017 Tripod masterclass James Abbott offers his tips on choosing the best tripod for your needs and on getting 
the very best from this vital bit of kit Silent city Christopher Thomas has spent time shooting the city of Los Angeles, surprisingly under-represented in the world of urban photography Tour de force This year’s Army Photographer of the Year attracted a superb range of entries. We take a look at some of the winners Essential guide to using filters We celebrate 50 years of Lee Filters with eight packed pages of filter inspiration and information Top 50 Accessories Our pick of the top gadgets and gizmos to help your photography. Don’t forget to tell Santa. Rotolight NEO 2 The all-in-one portable modelling light/flash tested by the AP team Lee Filters ProGlass IRND Michael Topham tries this new range of neutral density glass filters Final Analysis Roger Hicks considers… ‘Toulouse’, 2016, by Didier Villette Regulars 7 days Inbox Reader portfolio Tech Support COVER PICTURE © Ian Plant

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Publisher TI Media
Title Amateur Photographer
Frequency Weekly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 25 Nov 2017
Month November
Year 2017