Amateur Photographer - 14 October 2017 (AP141017)


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Amateur Photographer -14 October 2017

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What’s in Amateur Photographer 14 October 2017 20 ISO power tips Take some time to get the most from the ISO settings on your camera. James Abbott leads the way with his top tips Lightroom tips Understand and master the tone curve – a truly powerful tonal tool APOY 2017 Round Five ‘In the Wild’ is all about wildlife; and once again we were blown away by the superb quality of entries When Harry met… Who could refuse a pub crawl with Richard Harris? Harry Borden fondly remembers his portrait session with the actor Location guide Jeremy Walker offers up his expertise for shooting Dunstanburgh Castle on the Northumberland coast Olympus OM-D E-M10 III Is this the perfect camera for first-time buyers? Andy Westlake finds out more about the latest OM-D Top compacts Small and perfectly formed. An in-depth look at eight of the best compacts currently available Final Analysis Roger Hicks considers… ‘Erik and Lea, Lund Pieta’ by Lea Lund and Erik K Regulars 7 days Inbox Accessories Tech Support COVER PICTURE © Ita Martin

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Publisher TI Media
Title Amateur Photographer
Frequency Weekly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 14 Oct 2017
Month October
Year 2017