Amateur Photographer - 09 December 2017 (AP091217)


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Amateur Photographer - 09 December 2017

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Autofocus unravelled James Abbott shares 20 autofocus tips that will revolutionise the way you use AF, for accurate focusing and pin-sharp results every time APOY results Round Seven We present the impressive winning images from Round Seven of APOY, Land lovers Lightroom tips Learn how to enhance your landscape photos with James Paterson’s 20 essential Lightroom techniques The white desert Losing sensation in your fingers and being pelted in the eyes by icicles is all in a day’s work if you choose to shoot film in the Arctic, as Paolo Solari Bozzi discovered. Tracy Calder hears his story Performance & art The Hasselblad X1D-50c was hailed as a revolution in photography, as the world’s first compact mirrorless medium-format camera. Jon Devo is impressed Twice as nice They may date back to the earliest days of photography, but you can still create images with stereo cameras today, as John Wade explains Final Analysis Roger Hicks considers… ‘Hasköy Hospital for Women’, c. 1880-1893, by Abdullah Frères Regulars 7 days Inbox Accessories COVER PICTURES © Sarah Hanson/Paolo Solari Bozzi

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Publisher TI Media
Title Amateur Photographer
Frequency Weekly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 9 Dec 2017
Month December
Year 2017