Amateur Photographer - 08 July 2017 (AP080717)


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Amateur Photographer - 08 July 2017

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What’s in Amateur Photographer 8 July 2017 100 years of Nikon! The man who sold Nikon to the world How the legendary Life photographer David Douglas Duncan ditched his Leica and helped to create a camera sensation A glorious history We chart the history of Nikon in 12 cameras – starting with the iconic Nikon F and coming right up to the present day with the D5 Legends of the lens From Steve McCurry’s Afghan girl to Galen Rowell’s rainbow in Tibet, Nikon photographers have been responsible for a host of historic images Anyone for seconds? Looking for a second-hand Nikon? Gray Levett, of Grays of Westminster, advises you how to best spend your cash Let the buyer beware Should you happen to stumble across an old Nikon in a charity shop, our guide will help Nikon pro tips Seven professional photographers reveal the settings they use most regularly, and what they’d buy if they had £1,000 Nikon quiz Test your knowledge of all things Nikon 7 days A week in photography Inbox Your letters and poll results Tech support Expert advice, tips, tricks and more Final Analysis Roger Hicks considers… ‘Striped hat’ by Patty Carroll COVER PICTURE © Andrew Sydenham

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Publisher TI Media
Title Amateur Photographer
Frequency Weekly
Sector Lifestyle
Date 8 Jul 2017
Month July
Year 2017